Wood Consolidants
New product repairs damaged wood

Wood has been used as a construction material for centuries. While an extremely durable material, it is subject to rot and insect damage. In the past, the only viable option has been replacement of the damaged wood.

A relatively new product is providing contractors and home owners with another alternative. Wood consolidants can be used to repair damaged wood, often at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

These products are particularly useful for repairing minor damage to doors and windows. Wood consolidants are epoxy-like products which are injected into the damaged wood. They penetrate the wood fibers, and upon drying, solidify.

The damaged fibers gain a level of hardness which often surpasses the original condition. Epoxy wood-fillers can then be used to replace missing wood and then sanded to shape.

Repairs to damaged windows and doors can often be quite expensive. Wood consolidants allow for repairs, rather than replacement. The time and trouble of locating matching materials, and the labor of installation and finishing can be avoided.